At Blue Feather, our focus is the smaller small businesses and growing charitable organizations.

We believe that a strong community grows through its entrepreneurs and grass-roots groups, which is why we offer the skills listed below at low or no-cost to our local visionaries and small businesses.


We create new websites to help super small businesses grow into small ones, and maybe into medium ones. Whether you’re bringing your business into the digital world for the first time, or relaunching your vision, we can bring your brand to life and help your business -and your passion- soar.


Your brand is a living presence in the digital world. To survive, it needs to stay active and engaged with its community and clients through blogs, contests, features and informed influence. Boost your brand with our engaging campaigns, customized to your brand and your budget.

Business Communications

Getting the right message to the right audience is critical for any business venture. We help new and growing businesses develop their brand and client base with clear and compelling communications. We create letters, eblasts, personalized emails, website content, newsletters and more, working closely with you to achieve your desired objectives.


Sometimes you have to start from the very beginning. We can help you determine your story and how you want it to grow. We’re here to help you reach the people you want to reach and achieve success for your business.